PAICTA Pamoja Digital Learning

Learning beyond the Classroom, Utilising Digital Technology to create learning opportunities.

Our Objectives

Empower both teachers and learners from selected rural schools with the emerging 4IR skills and introduce smart learning at those schools.

Brief overview 



With the P2DL Lesson Suite, we can take our tailor-made online learning resources into your classroom, providing a framework for flexible learning, and giving you access to past exam paper with solutions for your revision. Whether you use our P2DL Lesson Suite as a guide on the side or as the backbone to your curriculum, we equip teachers to bring out the best in every learner on 4IR readiness. P2DL is dedicated to broadening learning opportunities for Youth. Join our Continental learning community today!



Mobile and E-learning for remote learning/virtual learning. If there is anything COVID-19 taught us is the shift of learning from physsical spaces to the cyberspace.E-learning has become the most used platform for learning P2DL Online Courses 4IR and curriculum-aligned content built for online learning.