We are the Pan African Information and Communication Technology Association (PAICTA), Pamoja Digital Learning (P2DL). We provide schools across South Africa with flexible online learning solutions that address key educational challenges, from structured curriculum content to 4IR technology related courses fully taught by our own teachers . We also offer an online tutoring service, P2DL Tutor, which provides students with one-to-one assistance in STEM subjects.

On our Teaching & Learning page, we offer students access to previous question papers as well as memorandums on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)  subjects, including two more additional subjects, such as English and Accounting. We also offer Cisco courses such as Internet of Things (IoT), Cybersecurity, Python, C++, and more. We have additional Nemisa and Coursera courses that is available for the students to enroll.

Our Application page gives you access to a single solution of finding university application forms and prospectors, with the flexibility of just scrolling down and choosing any varsity of your choice, not having to go through the entire google search engine. Here students can also count their APS score and get easy access to available bursaries across South Africa.

Ask a question page allows students to ask any question they have on the previous question papers, with the freedom of choosing to ask any teacher of their choice. The answer, including the question that was asked, is shared among all other students so that they don’t necessary ask the same question again. The Gallery page takes you through pictures of PAICTA visiting schools for the official launch of p2dl. For any reports on abuse that is urgent, we have implemented the Push Alert page, which allows students to report cyberbullying, abuse and academic challenges.

P2DL Online Courses offers you the flexibility of learning at your own pace, anywhere anytime.

4IR and Curriculum-aligned content built for online learning, 

With the P2DL Lesson Suite, we can take our tailor made online learning resources into your classroom, providing a framework for flexible learning, and giving you access to past exam paper with solutions for your revision. Whether you use our P2DL Lesson Suite as a guide on the side or as the backbone to your curriculum, we equip teachers to bring out the best in every learner on 4IR readiness.

P2DL is dedicated to broadening learning opportunities for Youth around South Africa.

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